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Pre Diabetes Diet

Whether you are prone to type 2 diabetes due to genetics, obesity, high blood pressure or other factors- you do have the power to take control of  your health.  And if you are already exhibiting the first signs of pre diabetes, there is still time to reclaim your future. You can actually learn how to prevent pre diabetes from progressing simply by making changes to your diet.

A pre diabetes diet follows essentially the same nutritional guidelines as a regular diabetes diet plan.  The goal of both is to help the dieter to lose weight and as a result bring down blood sugar and avoid a future diagnosis or worsening condition.  As evidenced by the successful weight loss stories reported by so many, you can prevent, manage, and even reverse your diagnosis.

A physician can help with your pre diabetes diet

As with any diet, it is wise to consult with a physician before starting in order to make sure that your plan is safe and effective.  Physician-assisted weight loss programs combine medical care with nutritional and fitness guidance as well as psychological and behavioral analysis to help patients lose weight and lower blood sugar. The Center for Medical Weight Loss is one of the largest networks of medical weight loss physicians to offer this type of cutting edge programming.

Patients attend Centers in over 450 locations throughout the country. According to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine, participants lost an average of 11.1% of their total body weight in only 12 weeks. Dr. Michael Kaplan, founder of the Centers explains, “Even a 5% loss of body weight is often enough to reverse a diagnosis of pre diabetes.”

Diabetic diet guidelines: a brief overview

What follow are some basic diabetic diet guidelines for you to follow as you design your own pre diabetes diet plan:

Go for grains: Whole grain breads and cereals tend to be less processed and have fewer sugars, therefore helping to prohibit the onset of diabetes.

Skip the sweets: Sugary sweets can cause major sugar fluctuations, making it harder for the body’s pancreas to produce stable levels of insulin. Have a sugar craving? Try a natural sugar, such those found in as berries or bananas.

Eat your vegetables: In addition to being healthy and delicious, vegetables also have the effects of filling out your meal, ensuring that you’ll eat less of the bad stuff. Colorful leafy salads and crunchy snacks like carrots and celery are great ways to get you feeling full throughout the day.

Snack healthfully and frequently: Snacking helps fill you up throughout the day, preventing the risk of binging at mealtime. Try items like nuts, raisins, yogurt or string cheese to help you feel full throughout the day.

Practice portion control: One of the biggest contributing factors to obesity and diabetes is oversized portions. By practicing portion control, you can save yourself hundreds of calories in a single sitting – thereby also leaving you plenty of leftovers, which you can save for another meal.

Diabetes is preventable with diet

For many people, diabetes is entirely preventable.  Sticking to a pre diabetes diet now will help you avoid that a more serious diagnosis later. It is far more preferable to manage your condition with a few simple and healthful lifestyle changes than with oral medications, insulin injections, and frequent visits to the doctor

To learn more about preventing pre diabetes with diet or to find out if there is a  Center for Medical Weight Loss in your area, check out their website at