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Pre Diabetes Diet Plan

There are approximately 57 million Americans who have pre diabetes today. This condition exists when blood sugar levels are elevated, but not yet high enough for a type II diabetes diagnosis. Many of these individuals will eventually receive a type II diagnosis and experience related heart problems and  circulatory system complications.  The good news is that by implementing a pre diabetes diet plan, patients can prevent their conditions from becoming any worse.

What is a pre-diabetes diet plan?

Diet plans for diabetics provide a two-pronged approach to fighting the disease. First, a diabetic diet menu must be used to effectively manage blood sugar levels by preventing extreme spikes and drops in levels. Second, the diet should cut calories and fat to help shed excess weight, since studies show that losing as little as seven percent of body weight can result in a 58-percent reduction in the risk of developing diabetes.

With those two goals in mind, it is best to create a pre diabetes diet plan with the help of a doctor who specializes in treatment and prevention. Specialists at The Center for Medical Weight Loss, a national network of physicians, work with patients in 43 states to help them shed weight and develop healthy lifestyle choices.  With these new tools, patients in early stages learn how to prevent pre diabetes, while others in more advanced stages work to reverse their condition.

“We see diabetic patients all the time who lose weight and no longer need insulin,” Dr. Michael Kaplan, founder and chief medical officer for the centers, stated. “When patients lose 5-10 percent of their body weight, it is a given that they will reduce their blood sugar significantly, many no longer need medication.”

The Diabetic Diet Menu

The American Diabetes Association offers a number of recommendations for an effective diabetic diet menu. Simple recommendations include:

  • Breakfast: Bowl of whole grain cereal and skim milk.
  • Lunch:  Salad of fresh vegetables and low-fat dressing;  turkey sandwich on whole grain bread; or vegetable soup.
  • Dinner: Choose lean meat, low-fat dairy items and fresh vegetables.

The ADA recommends that a pre-diabetes diet plan should be consistent with diabetic diet standards and consist of 15% lean protein, 30%  healthy fat, and 55% “good”carbohydrates, such as whole grains and vegetables.

Diabetics should also eat ample fresh fruits and vegetables, and include beans or lentils daily. Fish should be a dietary staple that is consumed two or three days each week.

Those with diabetes or pre-diabetes should avoid foods high in fat, sugar and calories. Healthy snacks are vital to maintaining a successful pre diabetes diet.

 Medical weight loss professionals can help implement a pre diabetes diet plan

The Center for Medical Weight Loss is a national network of weight loss physicians who specialize in creating effective diet plans for diabetics and for those hoping to avoid a future diagnosis of diabetes. Programs combine diet, exercise and personalized counseling. Currently, there are more than 450 centers across the country and new weight loss success stories are reported every day.  To find out if there is a center in your area, enter your zip code at the right, or visit for more information.  Special introductory offers are available at many locations.