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Diabetes Diets – Best Food Choices

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Take the quiz below and test your knowledge of diabetes diets.

A common misconception about the so-called diabetes diet is that it refers to a special eating regimen that only diabetics or those diagnosed with pre-diabetes should implement. But in reality the diabetes diet is great for anyone who wants to lose weight and improve their eating habits.

According to Dr. Michael Kaplan, founder of The Center for Medical Weight Loss, a national network of weight loss physicians, “Diabetics must keep a particularly close watch on their daily intake of carbohydrates, because they have much more significant impact on blood sugar levels than fats or proteins, and can send blood sugar levels to dangerous levels.We find that when  faced with food choices that come up in the normal course of the day, many individuals are not sure what the best food choice is, and often make the wrong choice.” (See the quiz below).

Diabetic individuals need to keep their blood sugar levels steady, and to do so need to follow specific diabetic diet guidelines, get regular exercise, and take any medications required by their doctors.  Quite often, losing weight can diminish the need for medication and in many cases, reverse diabetes completely. Dr. Kaplan has treated thousands of diabetic individuals with great success, and the results have been impressive. Physicians with specialized training in diabetes and diet create personalized meal plans and exercise programs for diabetic individuals, based on medical history, weight loss history, and also on the results of a unique metabolism test.  As per Dr. Kaplan, “Patients on average lose 11% of their body weight in the first 12 weeks, however as soon as they lose 5%, many of them no longer need medication for diabetes.” Read more about the best diet for diabetes.

Think you’re already an expert on dieting with diabetes? Test your knowledge with this quick diabetes diet quiz from Dr. Kaplan!

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Take this quiz and test your knowledge of the best choices for diabetic diets

For the purpose of the quiz, assume both options are equal in total calories.
(Answers below)

Question 1) Breakfast:
Choose the best food option for diabetes patients (pick A or B).

A) 2 eggs with light cheese, or
B) Half bagel with cream cheese

Question 2) Snack:
Choose the best food option for diabetes patients (pick A or B). 

A) bag of pretzels, or
B) bag of peanuts

Question 3) Lunch:
Choose the best food option for diabetes patients (pick A or B). 

A) Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with light mayo, or
B) A salad with lettuce, tomato, peppers, and grilled chicken with light dressing

Question 4) Snack:
Choose the best food option for diabetes patients (pick A or B). 

A) Box of raisins, or
B) Grapes

To find the answers to these questions, click here.