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Answers To Diabetic Diet Questions

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Here are the answers from Dr. Michael Kaplan, chief medical officer at The Center for Medical Weight Loss.

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Answers to Quiz on Diabetic Diets

Question 1) Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.  True or False

Answer: False: Diabetes is caused by both genetic and lifestyle factors, but being overweight doesn’t increase your risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Question 2) People with diabetes should eat special diabetic foods  True or False

Answer: False: A healthy diabetes diet (low in fat, moderate in salt and sugar, emphasizing whole grains, vegetables, and fruit) is good for everyone.

Question 3) It’s okay to eat unlimited amounts of fruit in a day because fruit is healthy.  True or False

Answer: False: Fruit contains carbohydrates, and eating too much could cause weight gain.

Question 4) Which would be the better dinner choice (each is 700 calories): A) Grilled salmon with vegetables, or B) grilled steak with vegetables?

Answer: A) Grilled salmon with vegetables. As opposed to steak, salmon contains heart-healthy fat.