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U.S. News Ranks Best Diabetes Diets

Whitney | January 23rd, 2013

Best Diets for Managing DiabetesU.S. News has published its 2013 list of the best diets for diabetics, helping those who are at risk or who have been diagnosed with the condition to make healthy lifestyle choices. Diets were chosen based on their ability to prevent and manage type II diabetes. Many of the diets on the list have also been touted for their weight loss benefits, since weight loss and diabetes prevention tend to go hand in hand. The top five diabetes diets ranked by U.S. News are:

#1) Biggest Loser Diet

Made famous by the reality television program, the Biggest Loser Diet targets those who want to lose large amounts of weight and lower their risk for health problems, especially heart disease. The diet emphasizes regular meals heavy on fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Exercise, which has been linked with effective managing of type 2 diabetes symptoms, is also an integral part of the program.

#2) DASH Diet

The DASH Diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) was originally developed for preventing hypertension. However, principles employed in this program, including regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean protein, make this program beneficial as a diabetic diet as well. The advice offered in this program is similar to guidelines provided by the American Diabes Association.

#3) Engine 2 Diet

Developed by firefighter and former pro athlete Rip Esselstyn, this plant-based diet eliminates animal products, processed foods and vegetable oils that add fat without providing much nutritional benefit. While the diet is much more restrictive than the previous two, it will help dieters lose weight and could be instrumental in preventing and managing type II diabetes.

#4) Flexitarian Diet

The Flexitarian Diet is a vegetarian program with a twist. The primarily plant-based diet does allow for the occasional red meat splurge, and also allows for eggs and dairy products. The lower calorie count of a vegetarian diet means weight loss is probable, and experts consider it a good option for both preventing and managing diabetes.

#5) Mayo Clinic Diet

This diet begins with 15 key habits to help dieters lose weight and maintain the weight loss over the long term. Like the other programs on the list, the plan is heavy on fresh produce and whole grains, while minimizing consumption of saturated fat and salt.

The physicians at the Center for Medical Weight Loss create weight loss programs for patients diagnosed with type II diabetes or risk for developing the condition. Like the diets on the U.S. News list, these programs include a healthy combination of factors that lead to weight loss and healthier lifestyles overall. Doctors at the center understand one size does not fit all when it comes to an effective diabetic diet, so weight loss solutions are customized for a patient’s medical history and metabolic makeup.

Studies have shown that ongoing support is an important element for weight loss success. The physicians at the Center for Medical Weight Loss incorporate personalized counseling sessions with every client to ensure that dieters stay on track until they lose the desired weight.

There are more than 450 centers nationwide helping people lose weight and manage type II diabetes. Read testimonials from people who have successfully lost weight, and enter your zip code at the right to find a center near you. Special offers are available for newcomers at select locations.

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