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Tips for Eating Out With Diabetes

Ava Lawson | January 10th, 2013

Diabetic Diet Food ListWhether enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant or grabbing a quick lunch at the local fast food joint, diabetics can still eat well away from home with a little advanced planning. Research shows that we consume more calories, fat, and sodium when we dine out, but managing diabetes is easier than you think with these practical tips for eating out.

Sticking to a healthy diabetic diet is simple when you have the guidance of trained weight loss professionals, such as the physicians at The Center for Medical Weight Loss, who can help clients navigate the tempting terrain of food choices when dining away from home. Their successful programs include personal counseling that empowers diabetics with the information to make wise decisions and resist unhealthy temptations that may impact blood sugar levels.

Diabetic diet tips for dining out

While the “all you can eat” buffets may tempt you with their siren calls, avoid them at all costs, as even a tiny amount of several different foods can amount to caloric overload. A lot of today’s restaurant menus feature nutrition info – take advantage of this to make your selections, and don’t be afraid to ask your server about special diabetic diet meals that aren’t on the menu. Remember that tasty extras like croutons or bacon bits can quickly increase a meal’s carbohydrate count.

The following may help you stick to your diabetes diet:

  • Ask for dressings and sauces on the side.
  • Substitute a green salad for fries, or whole grain for white bread
  • Avoid breaded or fried foods
  • Ask for no butter and salt
  • Stick to foods that are baked, steamed, grilled, poached, roasted or broiled

Wise food choices at restaurants

Everyone has their favorite ethnic dish, but enjoying different types of cuisine can be difficult when high-calorie foods beckon you with their melted cheese and rich cream sauces. Here are a few suggestions for healthy dishes:

  • Italian: Chicken or veal marsala. Pasta with marinara sauce served with chicken, fish or vegetables, and minestrone soup.
  • Mexican: Grilled fajitas with beef, chicken or seafood, soft chicken or fish tacos, or grilled chicken with rice and black beans on the side.
  • Asian: Teriyaki chicken breast, sushi and sashimi, Thai vegetable curry with chicken or seafood, stir-fried chicken with vegetables, wonton soup, chicken chow mein, and steamed rice with vegetables.
  • Fast food: Turkey sub, grilled chicken wrap, veggie sandwich, garden salad with low-fat dressing.

Physician-assisted diet plan for diabetics

Still uncertain of what choices will work best for you? The health specialists at The Center for Medical Weight Loss have helped thousands of patients in managing diabetes with specialized programs that encourage positive lifestyle changes and healthy eating patterns.

With more than 450 centers across the nation, they are the country’s largest group of weight loss physicians. Check out testimonials of successful weight loss; to find a Center in your area, simply enter your zip code above. Be sure to inquire about special introductory offers for first-time visitors.