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Diabetes Diet Plan May Cut Cancer Risk

Jacky Gale | January 28th, 2013

female doctor smiling with male patientAccording to a recent study, diabetics have a significantly increased risk of developing cancer. The study was published on January 8, 2013 in Diabetes Care. The lead researcher, Chaoyang Li, M.D., Ph.D., of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and his colleagues evaluated medical information for 25,964 diabetic adults. The data was taken from the 2009 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, which is a survey that considers lifestyle, chronic illnesses, and other risk factors.

Dr. Li and his colleagues found that there was a direct correlation between the duration of diagnosed diabetes and the development of cancer. Those who had diabetes the longest were more likely to be diagnosed with cancer. The risk level was also highest among men and patients of either gender who used insulin to control their condition. This research may add further weight to the idea that controlling and even reversing diabetes through diet and exercise, instead of medication, is vastly preferable. Patients could greatly benefit from a physician-developed diabetes diet plan, such as those offered by The Center for Medical Weight Loss.

Consequences of not following a diabetic diet

Cancer is not the only health risk connected to diabetes. Poorly controlled blood sugar levels can lead to complications like cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke, and diabetic patients have a higher risk of dying from these events. Over time, diabetes can also lead to kidney damage, which may necessitate a kidney transplant or lifelong treatment with dialysis. Diabetics are also at a higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease, eye damage, and vascular problems in the feet, which may require amputation in severe cases.

These life-threatening medical complications are preventable with a solid diabetic diet. Making sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes has enabled many patients to not only control their blood sugar levels, but also to get off medication and insulin entirely. Many patients have also enjoyed a complete reversal of their diabetes. But it does take dedication to adhere to lifestyle changes, and it can be difficult to do it on your own.

Importance of a diabetic diet food list

Those who follow a physician-developed and supervised weight loss plan are much more likely to enjoy success. A qualified medical professional can coach you through all aspects of healthy living, from planning out the foods you’ll eat to helping you stay motivated with your workouts. You’ll be given a diabetic diet food list that provides nutritious options for creating delicious and satisfying meals. For diabetics, it’s particularly important to lose weight under the supervision of a doctor because weight loss has an effect on insulin. A doctor will monitor your insulin levels and adjust your medication dosage as needed.

The doctors at The Center for Medical Weight Loss have worked with diabetic and pre-diabetic patients for years, and many of these patients have been able to completely reverse their diagnoses. For patients who are pre-diabetic, weight loss through diet and exercise can lower the risk of developing diabetes by an incredible 58 percent. Furthermore, losing just five to ten percent of your body weight will significantly contribute to controlled blood sugar levels.

There is nothing more important than your health. Lower your risk of cancer and other serious complications of diabetes by making sustainable lifestyle changes. The physicians at The Center for Medical Weight Loss will customize a diet and exercise program that suits your individual needs, taking into account your preferences and medical issues. To find a Center near you, enter your zip code into the box at the right. Remember to ask about our special introductory offers, which are available at select locations for first-time customers.