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Best Foods to Eat if You Have Diabetes

Emma | January 8th, 2013

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When you have diabetes, it can sometimes feel like there’s nothing to eat. But it’s not a guessing game – and it’s not about food restrictions or deprivation. A diabetes diet is actually robust with choices, from succulent fruits and filling nuts to lean proteins and colorful veggies. What you need is a specific list to serve as your guide, helping you choose the right foods to weave into tasty and satisfying diabetes diet recipes.

The diabetic diet foods list is beneficial not only for patients with diabetes, but also for people with blood sugar issues and pre-diabetes. In fact, the diet promotes general well-being, even in people without the condition, and therefore offers good guidelines for anyone interested in healthy living. The physicians at The Center for Medical Weight Loss are experts at crafting weight-loss programs that target diabetes and pre diabetes, helping people control their glucose levels with nutritious meal plans and moderate physical activity.

The diabetes diet

A diabetes diet is well-rounded, incorporating six basic food groups: lean proteins, dairy, fats, fruits, vegetables, and grains. The key is knowing how to balance these choices. For example, the body turns first to carbohydrates for energy, but not all carbs are created equal: processed, white flours cause blood sugar to spike, while complex whole grains are absorbed more slowly. That’s why your diabetic diet food list generally contains whole grains and “brown” flours – brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, and corn tortillas over white rice, white pasta, and flour tortillas.

Diabetic diet food list

When managing your blood sugar, the key is in choosing foods that will not cause glucose levels to rise sharply. Generally speaking, healthy and unprocessed foods are your best bet. Select grilled chicken over fried chicken and choose water or juice over soft drinks. However, note that your list of diabetic diet foods may vary slightly from the standard, so it is always important to speak with your physician about recommended choices. As you diagnose your specific needs, you can also create a list of recommended foods just for you.

A physician-guided diabetes diet

One of the best choices you can make for your health is to work with an experienced physician to create a personalized diabetes diet. The weight-loss professionals at The Center for Medical Weight Loss are experts in this type of diet, and will work with you to develop a one-of-a-kind program that meets both your medical needs and practical concerns. Moreover, your physician will also help create a food list that makes meals, even snacking, easy.

If you’re ready to walk the path toward weight loss and diabetes maintenance, you can get started today by calling The Center for Medical Weight Loss nearest you. You won’t be subjected to starvation diets or crazy fads – just solid nutrition and regular exercise. And don’t forget to ask about newcomers’ specials, as introductory offers are available at select locations.