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Merck Reports Success in Testing New Type 2 Diabetes Drug

Emma | October 8th, 2012

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male doctor writing on tabletMerck & Co. has developed a new diabetes drug that requires only one dose per week. The medication, known as MK-3102, has successfully passed through Phases I and II of human testing, and is moving forward to the third and final phase. The drug’s promising results could prove very helpful in managing type 2 diabetes, but patients are also encouraged to try reversing their condition with a carefully planned diabetes diet. For many patients, a healthy and sustainable diet, closely monitored by a physician, can eliminate all symptoms and be the only type 2 diabetes measure required.

Dr. Michael Kaplan of the Center for Medical Weight Loss has said of his nationwide program, “We see diabetic patients all the time who lose weight and no longer need insulin.”  However effective diet is in the effort of reversing diabetes, successful testing of new diabetes drugs is always exciting to doctors and patients alike.

Clinical trials show promising results

A new clinical trial for MK-3102, a type 2 diabetes drug manufactured by Merck & Co., has shown very promising results. The once-a-week medication is still in the experimental stages and is similar to the pharmaceutical company’s successful Januvia, another diabetes medication. Phase II of the study followed 685 patients who began the trial with an A1C level around 8%. (The American Diabetes Association calls for levels of lower than 7%.) Trial patients were given doses from 0.25 milligrams to 25 mg and all reduced their A1c levels by 0.28 percent to 0.71 percent.

Merck hopes to simplify pill regimen for diabetes patients

Thanks to encouraging results from Phase II, Merck is planning Phase III, which will mark the final stage of human testing before applying for FDA approval. Since Avandia, a diabetes medication manufactured by GlaxoSmithKine, was associated with serious heart problems, all new diabetes meds, including MK-3102, must prove heart safety. However, Merck reports that their new medication was well tolerated during the trial, and they expect it to do well through Phase III. Commented Nancy Thornberry, the head of Merck’s diabetes and endocrinology departments, “We think this is going to be a very attractive choice for patients who have a high pill burden. Any attempt to simplify the regimen for those patients is helpful.”

Control type 2 diabetes without the need for drugs

While new prescription drugs spell good news for diabetics, for many, medications are not a necessary element of diabetes maintenance. In fact, reversing diabetes with diet alone is possible with a  physician prescribed diabetic diet guidelines. The Center for Medical Weight Loss is one of the largest networks of weigh loss physicians in the country. By tailoring diet plans for diabetics according to the specific medical history of each patient, the Center continues to churn out successful weight loss stories and reverse diagnoses of pre diabetes as well as type 2 diabetes.  Though some patients will continue to rely on old and new diabetes drugs, a healthy diet is equally vital to managing the condition.

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