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Paula Deen’s Diabetic Diet Success Story

Sarah | July 6th, 2012

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Creating a safe and effective diabetic diet for weight loss and overall health management is an especially challenging prospect to someone who has just received a diabetes diagnosis. Just ask Paula Deen, the southern chef who revealed in January, 2012 her own type II diabetes diagnosis. Since the time of her announcement, the television star has become one of the best known weight loss success stories on the recent news circuit, shedding 30 pounds and gracing the July 9th cover of People magazine.

Deen, the southern comfort-food darling of the Food Network, has revamped her health and her diet by preparing her traditional southern dishes with lower fat, calorie and sodium content.

An Effective Diabetic Diet for Weight Loss

According to the American Diabetes Association, a 10-15 pound weight loss can have a significant impact on a patient’s type II diabetes.  Patients who lose weight also show reduced blood glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, and joint strain.  As a result, patients have more energy.

Diabetics require medical attention for the purpose of prescribing medication and monitoring any changes in their physical condition.  Patients should also consult with their doctors about safe diet plans to reduce diabetes as the effort for many is new endeavor.  Physicians can be a resource for patients who need advice about the best weight loss diet based on the individual’s current condition, fitness ability, and overall health goals.

WebMD recommends a safe weight loss diet to reduce diabetes that keeps carbohydrates, proteins and fats in healthy balance throughout each meal. Dr. Michael Kaplan, founder of The Center for Medical Weight Loss reminds diabetics that most weight loss success stories begin with a basic understanding of which calories are better suited to your goals.

The Centers’ physicians recommend that patients:

  • Choose “good” carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables rather than simple carbs found in white sugar
  • Choose lean proteins, high in omega 3 fatty acids rather than red meat or poultry
  • Choose high fiber options to help lower glucose levels

Paula Deen May Inspire More Weight Loss Success Stories

Since Paula Deen announced her diabetes diagnosis a few months ago, the chef has received plenty of negative attention about the high-fat recipes that she makes on her television shows. However, Deen reminded ABC News that being overweight, not eating one particular kind of food, is the cause of diabetes.

Deen admitted to ABC and to People that her doctors warned her for a number of years about her condition, but that she did not take those warnings seriously until it was too late.  Determined to improve her health, Deen set to work revamping some of her favorite recipes to bring them in line with her new diabetic diet for weight loss. Six months later, Deen has dropped 30 pounds and has quickly become among the best known weight loss success stories today, inspiring her fans to follow in her footsteps.

While Paula Deen can help diabetes patients at home make over some of their own recipes, her diet substitutions are no substitution for medical attention.  All diabetics should be receiving some medical supervision at least with regard to their medications.  But patients may also consider having their doctors supervise their diet and exercise plan.

For example, thousands of patients who have treated at the Center for Medical Weight Loss have been able to achieve weight loss goals through individual plans prescribed by a doctor. Dr. Kaplan acknowledges that the best weight loss diet varies from patient to patient, but that any patient diagnosed with diabetes may see significant improvement in their condition simply by dropping excess weight and adopting healthier eating habits.

If you would like to learn more about the Centers, you can visit their website at