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6 Weeks to OMG: Best Diabetes Diet?

Whitney | July 18th, 2012

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One of the latest diets to garner media attention is “6 Weeks to OMG,” created by actor and personal trainer Paul Khanna, aka Venice A. Fulton, author. Fulton asserts that with his unconventional but healthy weight loss program, dieters can drop up to 20 pounds in only six weeks.

His book, ‘6 Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier than All Your Friends,’ has enjoyed tremendous success in the U.K. and now has debuted in the U.S. under similar fanfare. But is this weight loss plan a good choice for a diabetes diet?

6 Weeks to OMG Diet

The diet trend proposed by Fulton includes a variety of innovative ideas not commonly found in weight loss programs. For example, Fulton advises dieters to skip breakfast, at least until after a morning workout. Instead, Fulton recommends two cups of black coffee to rev up the metabolism. Another part of Fulton’s Six Weeks to OMG program includes a cold bath or shower, which the author claims has been proven in research to force the body to use up stored fat to keep warm.

In addition to these steps, Fulton proposes a diet plan that consists primarily of lean proteins. Carbohydrates are limited in a similar fashion to other diet programs. Fruits are limited, since the body’s processing of fructose can lead to a disruption of appetite hormones.

Program May Lack Important Elements for a Safe Diabetes Diet

For individuals considering 6 Weeks to OMG as a diabetes diet, there are some concerns about how this program will impact their condition. First, the idea of skipping breakfast – or any meal – is not usually a healthy weight loss option for diabetics. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, skipped meals can lead to low blood sugar and upset the delicate balance between food consumption and insulin levels.

The ‘6 Weeks to OMG’ program has a broad application, and does not take individual needs and conditions into consideration. Many diabetics have found that the safest and most effective diabetes diet is one that is customized to a patient’s unique needs and goals, such as a healthy weight loss plan carefully overseen by a physician. While ‘6 Weeks to OMG’ may offer some interesting ideas in the quest to lose weight, it does not offer personalized counseling or ongoing support to help dieters meet their goals.

Healthy Weight Loss Through Doctor-Supervised Program

A better, safer diet for diabetic needs involves a more customized approach, such as occurs with physician-directed weight loss programs. The Center for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL) is one such group of medical weight loss specialists. A diabetic diet prescribed by a doctor can achieve more than just weight loss. As Dr. Michael Kaplan, the founder of CMWL, reports, “We see diabetic patients all the time who lose weight and no longer need insulin.”

Dr. Kaplan adds that many CMWL patients who follow the healthy weight loss plan prescribed by the center’s physicians drop as much as 28 pounds in 12 weeks, and over 90% maintain weight loss long-term.

The Center for Medical Weight Loss currently operates 450 centers around the country to help diabetics and others find healthy weight loss solutions. To find out if there is a center near you, enter your zip code in the box to the right or visit The Center for Medical Weight Loss website.